Mister Alphabet

Nothing Is Uninteresting

Mister Alphabet™ is a Los Angeles-based company producing a figurine designed to bend into every letter of the alphabet. We strive to bring the alphabet to life through innovative interplay between figuration and letter formation, uniting parents with children and design with education.



Mister Alphabet is created and assembled with components made in Southern California. We are proud to be a small-batch manufacturer using quality materials including porcelain and food-safe silicone. For each of the figurine's major components, we carefully selected suppliers who value the art of production on a small scale. The hardworking individuals who stitch, cast, and kiln-fire Mister Alphabet's hands, feet, and clothing bring an added value to the process of assembly, which is made complete by our hand-painting of each and every piece.


Our first production run features a notable exception to the regional story, however. Our slip-cast porcelain heads are lovingly created near Mexico City by a porcelain factory founded in 1920. Mister Alphabet's head represents a first for the company as the smallest clay piece produced by there. A first of its kind, Mister Alphabet in general represents a unique effort to create a simple, posable figurine designed to bend and stay in any letter of the alphabet.



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