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International Shipping

Due to USA export laws, we are unable to declare artificially low customs values on orders shipped outside the USA. Also, we are required to declare our exports as a commercial shipment. We understand that other businesses are willing to alter the invoice value to minimize the import customs charges. However our policy is to follow USA law. Therefore, all exported shipments will use the actual order value for the customs documentation.

We do our best to describe the purchased items using accurate descriptions. When a export HTS tariff code is available for an item, the tariff number will be shown on the customs documentation (along with the description). When an item's tariff code is not available we will declare only the actual description of the item.

To summarize, we are not able to legally comply with requests to mark the order as a gift, sample, or state incorrect valuations. Requests to do so may delay shipping your order while we contact you to explain our policy.

International Orders: VAT and Customs Fees

Our advertised prices do NOT include international VAT (taxes). Duties and taxes (if any) are the customer's responsibility; They are paid directly by the customer to their local government. We do NOT collect these taxes: your online order will NOT be charged any VAT. Instead, your government will collect any required taxes upon delivery, per your local customs regulations. If you have questions about possible VAT charges for your international order please contact your local government.