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Mister Alphabet™ is a Los Angeles-based company producing a figurine designed to bend into every letter of the alphabet. We strive to bring the alphabet to life through innovative interplay between figuration and letter formation, uniting parents with children and design with education.

Mister Alphabet | Porcelain


Mister Alphabet | Porcelain


Mister Alphabet Figurine - Porcelain Edition

Release Date: August 24, 2018

Mister Alphabet | Porcelain is a hand-painted figurine inspired by artists and craftspersons ranging from Alexander Calder to ___Michael Jackson and ___. Mister Alphabet is the 1st in a series of porcelain character dolls released as part of ____,

Features: Hand-painting porcelain components, magnetic hands and feet, non-removable fabric clothing,

Non-numbered Limited Edition.

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